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  •  GHOST KIDS – THE 5th NIGHT: A child psychologist and paranormal investigator assemble a group of psychic children on a remote ranch to explore their terrifying abilities  – Horror feature script – Play script commissioned – TV series in development

Inspired by hit paranormal docuseries.

  • QUINTESSENCE – Can an A.I. robot programmed to re-start the human race after an ecological apocalypse, using Shakespeare’s work as its guide to humanity, learn what it is to be human before it’s too late? – award winning play by Emily Carding, directed by Susan Luciani – Sci-Fi Thriller – Screenplay in development

What an important play. The nature of humanity, it doesn’t get much more profound, does it? …really did something powerful – what a success!…the A.I. robot was amazing, showed Earth’s environmental issues in a whole new light.”

Play reviews
  • A young woman artist is initiated into reality bending work with a master female shaman. Inspired by testimony –  SHADOWLESS – Supernatural Horror

Books about their group have sold more than 8 million copies and published in 17 languages – Play adaption May 2023.

“A wonderful high impact audio-visual effects performance…Shadowless was amazing… a phenomenal achievement… so brilliant! What a show…writer director Susan Luciani is an alchemist!”

Play reviews
  • CHILD OF MINE tells the story of 7 year old GIRL in the three months leading up to her being taken into foster care. Based on true events –  Drama

There are over 70 000 children in care in the UK, with over 1 million children currently living in homes experiencing child abuse toxic trio of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental ill health.

  •  EDIE’S WAR – inspired by the memoirs of an elite crew of British nurses serving on the front line in WW I – Period Drama  

Adapted from the hit play by Olivier award winning writer Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and directed by Susan Luciani.

“Powerful, visceral, brilliantly acted…beautifully written and executed on stage…tremendously effective…a powerful message that these women were true heroines…wonderful.”

Play reviews
  • A young orphan girl in Japan, overcomes her grief to fulfil her destiny as the world’s undefeatable WARRIOR GIRL  – Fantasy Adventure

Manga neo-noir visual style created by green screen film production, guided by Susan Luciani’s visual effects work on Star Wars VII, Harry Potter and Narnia films

  • PAVED WITH GOLD – the true story of a young British woman who went to live in the dangerous favelas of Brazil, rescuing 10 000 street children there  – Drama

Adapted from an international best selling memoir

  • Inspired by true events, the story of one woman who became the most wanted mafia boss – The godmother : LA MADRINA Thriller
  • ANGEL of AWAKENING – 11 year old twins Angela and Michael lose their lives in a car crash, to find a whole new adventure awaits them in the afterlife – trilogy Fantasy Adventure

Adapted from Susan Luciani’s ANGEL book series. A play adaption of ANGEL of AWAKENING premiered in aid of Make A Wish Foundation.

Play livestream reviews:

“Really touching, what a great film…magical…congratulations on a wonderful production… a beautifully crafted, thought provoking and important piece of work…lovely, magical narrative…wonderful storytelling and effects.”

Play livestream reviews
  • Bond’s got a new apprentice, female MI6 operative Ms Daisy Vine, in BLACK VELVET GOLDAction Adventure
  • REFUGEE –  When war breaks out in their home country, a woman and her young son flee across the continent – inspired by true testimony, script in development –Drama, Magical Realism
  • INSIDE EVE –  one weekend in the lives of a modern couple pushing the boundaries of their relationship with dangerous liaisons – play script 
  • HUNTED –  “Kidnap Vegas Showgirl to stand trial in the US” (The Times Newspaper) On the run from the FBI for 15 years, this is her story. double barrel productions have exclusive rights – Thriller

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