A Futuristic S*x Magick show:  female gaze Burlesque in the year 2049.

A show that looks like no other with a future tech blend of live stage performance, film sequences and projection mapping – utilising our experience of cutting edge VFX on the biggest industry feature films, 30 films inc. Star Wars VII, Harry Potters, Narnia, and ABBA Voyage stage show. Director Susan Luciani has also choreographed and directed shows at Bloomsbury theatre, Vaults festival, Mardi Gras London, 02 Arena, Wembley Arena.

CLUB EVOTIC is an entertaining and confronting exploration of sexuality with a digital avatar Compere trickster guide for the audience’s adventure, who teases, titillates, provokes, pushing the audience to go deeper, morphing her size, her sex, flipping the script, to keep us on our toes. “Intimacy cannot be, without equality.” 

Coming soon…


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