WE DID IT! Multi award-winning double barrel productions and The Plough Arts Centre have staged 2 plays in 1 week by writer director Susan Luciani, QUINTESSENCE / SHADOWLESS.

QUINTESSENCE, written and performed by award-winning actor Emily Carding, features an AI robot programmed to re-start humanity after an ecological disaster on Planet Earth, with the complete works of Shakespeare as its guide to the human spirit.

Originally commissioned by the London Science Museum, the play debuted at Brighton Fringe festival where it won the fringe review’s Outstanding Theatre award. Susan Luciani directs, bringing her signature cinematic visuals and soundscape to the production.

Emily Carding is one of the UK’s leading Shakespearean actors

-The Stage

“What an important play. The nature of humanity… it doesn’t  get much more profound, does it?  We thought the young audience were tremendous too, taking on big themes and vital questions.” Fringe Fest

“I can’t tell you how much the schools group loved the play and your fantastic talk!  It had been the first experience of theatre that some of them had ever had and a great one. You really did something powerful – what a success!” Schools booker

“The A.I. robot was amazing and showed Earth’s environmental issues in a whole new light.” Audience



SHADOWLESS is a supernatural thriller, featuring a girl artist and a master shaman who becomes her mentor…and tormentor: inspired by the diaries of women working with Carlos Castaneda, whose books about their group have sold more than 8 million copies worldwide and published in 17 languages.

The production blends stage performance with film sequences as the girl navigates her shaman apprenticeship, isolated in a Mexican farm house in the Badlands. What begins as a mystical adventure quickly descends into a nightmarish existence where the boundaries of reality become blurred between waking and dreaming as she comes face to face with manifestations of her greatest fears.

Writer Director Susan Luciani created the show to be a thrill ride, full of twists and turns and frights in an exploration of Womanhood, Power Play and the realm of the Unexplained.

“A wonderful high impact audio-visual effects performance – very impressive to make the most of the Plough theatre space. It makes us very excited to work with director Susan Luciani.” Beaford Arts

“Shadowless was amazing! The visuals and audio worked really well and kept the pace up all through.” Plough Trustee

What a phenomenal achievement… And the technical stuff all absolutely bang on.” Fringe Fest

“That was so brilliant! Loved it.”  Audience

“What a show…writer director Susan Luciani is an alchemist!”  Audience


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