“Angela Barker had never really thought about death. It was one of the benefits of being young, three months shy of her twelfth birthday to be exact. Time seemed to stretch out like an unending ocean in front of her and was just as daunting. In fact, Angela Barker couldn’t remember the last time she felt sure of anything. Somewhere between her birth and her current existence, all that seemed safe and secure had crumbled away, leaving her adrift.

The nightmares had begun when Angela was little. The details of their contents lost in a fog of tears and drowsiness, but the fear she remembered… The solution to these bad dreams, Angela concluded, was not to fall asleep in the first place. And so she came to live her life in a state of permanent otherness, somewhere between the conscious and unconscious, unaware of how close to her death she really was.

She had a routine of course but it seemed in Angela’s mind that she existed only to make up the numbers and this was confusing because deep down, Angela Barker had a feeling she was being watched.”

When 11 year old twins Angela and Michael lose their lives in a car accident, they find a whole new adventure awaits them at Spirit School in the afterlife – Fantasy Adventure

Adapted from her book ANGEL of AWAKENING, Susan Luciani writes and directs this TELL ME A STORY production: a story telling theatrical show with effects soundscape, magical stagecraft and animated scenic projections on the cinema screen.

“Inspired by my work on the films Harry Potter, Narnia and Starwars I’ve seen first hand how stories can really help children (and adults!) process difficult experiences and emotions. I created ANGEL to be an uplifting story-world to support children in their understanding of grief.”  Susan Luciani

ANGEL of AWAKENING live streamed on Make a Wish Day April 29 in aid of Make A Wish Foundation www.make-a-wish.org.uk

This production proudly supported www.northdevonhospice.org.uk

“That was really touching, what a great film. We’ll send it to our families.”

and www.chsw.org.uk

“Thank you so much for sending us the livestream of ANGEL. Our team has just watched the show. The acting, the set and the effects were magical, we would have loved to have seen it live. The themes were so interesting. We can see that many of our young people who play out their grief in imaginary form could particularly identify with this. We’re very grateful to you for including us with this production.”

“Congratulations on a wonderful production and thank you for sharing such a beautifully crafted, thought provoking and important piece of work.”    An Audience Mum

“It was good and very magical. I liked how they went on an adventure.” Oscar, 9 years 

“Great show. Magical. Clever with lots of engaging effects”     An audience Dad

“I agree that this would help people with loss because it tells their pets or friends or family are still here and waiting for you and they’re happy in the Afterlife.”    Molly, 7 years, 

“It was really great. A lovely, magical narrative that demonstrated that even in hard times that we are not alone. Wonderful storytelling and effects.”     An audience Mum

“I think there should be a story about what happens to them next in the fifth dimension!”    Jess, 10 years


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