Marking ten years since Amy’s passing, Back To Amy is a celebration of art, music, empowerment, and Amy’s legacy. A 3-hour festival event of performances and tributes by artists Chris Daughtry, Cailin Russo, Young Summer, Raja Kumari, Riley Clemmons, Sweet Lizzy Project, Christina Cash with John Carter Cash, Joshua Henry, Hounds and Zola Courtney. 

Susan Luciani’s documentary also featured at the event including photographs of Amy Winehouse on the cusp of fame, as well as many never-before-seen images. Rare, open and honest, this collection of photographs by Charles Moriarty are from two shoots spread across London and New York in the lead-up to the release of her debut album Frank. These beautiful images capture a sense of fun, mischief and style, giving an early glimpse of a star in the making.

Back to Amy streamed live from the event in Nashville USA to a global audience.

Our promo film featuring exclusive photographs of Amy Winehouse, also launched the photo book Before Frank by Charles Moriarty, in collaboration with Dazed and Confused Magazine.


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