Writer Director Susan Luciani kicks off her season of shows at The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington, with Escape Kids: an escape room storytelling adventure for families.

 “Can you help save Christmas? 

 1788. Isaac Gulliver, one of the greatest pirate smugglers in England and his band of ‘white wigs’ are stealing all the Christmas presents to add to their stash of bootlegged loot, rumoured to be kept in a cave somewhere on Devon’s coast. You have 1 hour to solve the clues and find the cave to bring Gulliver’s smuggling days to an end!

My season aims to bring new audiences to theatre, by creating shows not bound by traditional form or genre. As a mixed media artist who’s films are theatrical and stage work features projections, as well as incorporating dance, archive, soundscape, photography and cutting edge tech into my productions, I’m excited to be writing and directing shows for The Plough in their theatre with cinema screen, art gallery, dance studio space and Open Air Theatre festival in Summer 2022.


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